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More ways to sell with Online Ordering


Build your own Online Ordering website to generate more revenue and sell directly to your customers. In just a few minutes, you can build a better relationship with your customers by taking control of the entire ordering experience and turn new customers into regulars.

  • You have a new order!

  • Mega Combo 1

    Extra Guacamole
  • BLT Sandwich

    No Bacon, Extra lettuce
  • Meal Deal + Drink

    Extra Cheese

All your takeout orders in one place

We send all your takeout orders to your ePOS in real-time and automatically print order tickets in the kitchen, so that you can shift your focus back to your core business.

  • Connected to your POS system and kitchen printer

  • Standardized tickets

  • Save time and avoid costly order mistakes

  • Different types of orders: pickup, delivery, eat-in, and ASAP orders

Easily manage your menus and stock

Sync menus straight from your ePOS and edit, duplicate, and publish them with our easy-to-use Menu Builder. Instantly push menus live to your restaurant's online store with one click.

  • Duplicate menus to create variations

  • Combos, promotions, and deals are available and snoozing products 

  • Limited-time offers and happy hour menus

  • Multiple menus per location with menu availability updates

Easy table ordering for your customers

Our Online Ordering solution can also be implemented for table ordering inside your restaurant. Customers can access your online order website by simply scanning a QR code, so no complex setup is required. We provide everything you need to get started: you can be up and running immediately. A fully self-serve solution, build your website in less than 5 minutes.

  • Increase your average order size and your overall revenue

  • Provide a no-touch, sanitary & sustainable experience

  • The order goes straight into the kitchen

  • Save on labor & printing costs


Make informed business decisions

View all your online ordering metrics in one reporting dashboard. Harness the POS integration to analyze both your in-house and off-premise sales data.

  • All sales data on one screen

  • Identify top-selling dishes, locations, and times for takeout

  • Analyze and understand revenue flows

  • Add discounts and tax on products depending on the country

What is an Online Ordering Website?

An Online Ordering website is a virtual storefront for your restaurant. It allows customers to place orders directly and pay online—that means greater profits for you and your business and an extra channel for you to sell.

What our tech can do:

  • Build your own customizable site to match your restaurant's brand in minutes

  • Create different Online Ordering menus for pickup, delivery, and QR codes for your dine-in customers

  • Widen your margins with low transaction fees

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