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    Our solutions are designed to help you attract and retain customers, grow your business, and maintain control over what matters to you by keeping both the front and back of the house synchronized throughout the entire process.


    Avg revenue increase

    By using Menu Builder to experiment with dynamic pricing—increase product pricing at peak hours, and earn more.


    Error reduction

    By eliminating manual order entry and consolidating all channels into one platform.


    employee cost reduction

    By removing tablets and streamlining operations inside and outside of the kitchen.

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    Kitchen Display

    Simplify your kitchen operations with Deliverect Kitchen Display. It visually displays and prioritizes tasks, automates online orders, and streamlines communication to boost productivity and reduce errors.

    Pickup Manager

    Managing couriers and orders at peak hours is now easy with Pickup Manager. With a clear visualization of order statuses through a display or QR code, Pickup Manager makes the hand-off seamless and streamlined.

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