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    With the Deliverect Analytics Dashboard, you can easily:

    - Visualize your restaurant's performance.

    - Compare revenue across locations, brands, and channels.

    - Identify your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to strategize your next move.

    -Leverage business intelligence to keep you ahead of your competitors


    Track sales, channels & revenue

    Deliverect Analytics simplifies performance and sales reporting. Learn which online channels and products generate the most profit and make data-backed decisions for your business.

    • In-depth sales data per channel

    • All sales data on one screen

    • User-friendly sales reports

    • Identify opportunities and actionable insights

    • Optimize menus based on sales data

    All sales data centralized

    Access all your sales data on a single platform for operational efficiency.

    Simpler access to the right performance data

    Gain a competitive edge by analyzing and comparing sales and performance across channels in a more friendly and visual way.

    Optimize for profitability

    Utilize analytics dashboards to adjust your offerings, promotions, and marketing strategies effectively.

    More ways to grow

    Check out our other features

    Order management

    We aggregate all your online orders and synchronize them with your existing POS, improving your restaurant’s operational flow in the process.

    Menu Management

    We give you the tools to keep better track of your restaurant's stock and the ability to update all your online menus with just one click!

    Expand your business with smart analytics

    Turn data into action for revenue growth. Centralize all sales data from different sales channels and transform your decision-making process now.