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    Get more and earn more

    Expanded features for expanded performance. Deliverect Plus enables a deeper view of refund data, dynamic pricing, operations, and more.

    Operational notifications

    Receive real-time notifications on store closures to minimize revenue loss.

    Dynamic menus

    Schedule price increases for best sellers on weekends, lunch and dinner rush.

    Revenue Insights Dashboard

    Report on how menu changes and promos affect overall revenue over time.

    What is Deliverect Plus?

    Deliverect Plus is an Add-on with enhanced features that allows you a deeper look into your business. You’ll have access to more tools to help maximize your earnings and reach operational excellence.

    Stay informed at all times


    Never miss a beat with real-time email notifications. We’ll alert you when impactful events like busy mode closures and snoozed items change so you’re always informed.

    • Always on: We’ve made it easier for you to stay on top of your locations with closure and snooze alerts.

    • Peace of mind: You no longer have to manually check store statuses. We’ll send you an email so you’re always in the loop.

    Build high-performing menus


    Leverage our menu optimization tools and create menus with dynamic pricing. See how product pricing can increase your revenue by increasing them at peak hours, on weekends, and more.

    • Experiment with pricing: Optimize your menus with your customers’ purchasing habits and earn more on every order.

    Measure impact on revenue


    Compare revenue data over time and see how your menu optimizations and promotions impact your overall profits.

    • Measure impact: You can easily measure how price increases and promotions affect your revenue by comparing the revenue before and after implementing them.



    Marketing & Loyalty

    Further expand your restaurant’s bottom line with our Marketing & Loyalty features created to help you sell more, engage more, and grow more. Create your own restaurant loyalty program.

    Online Ordering

    Build your own Online Ordering website to generate more revenue and sell directly to your customers. In just a few minutes, you can build a better relationship with your customers by taking control of the entire ordering experience and turn new customers into regulars.

    Get a deeper look on what matters

    Tap into Deliverect Plus enhanced features today. Go deeper and have a strategic view of every location's most relevant data, changes, and details.