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Unlock the full potential of your restaurant's online presence with Deliverect's all-in-one solution. Our seamless integration with POS systems consolidates all online orders, streamlining the process and boosting your margins.

Elevate your restaurant's online game.




Restaurants of all sizes trust our solutions to cut costs, improve operational flows, and master online orders. Our tools are inspired by businesses like yours to help you focus on what you do best: serving great food.

We empower restaurants

Chain restaurants

Chains all over the world rely on Deliverect to power their expansion. Grow your profits, automate processes, and overcome operational inefficiencies with our all-in-one solution. Managing multiple locations and diverse sales channels have never been easier.

What we do for chains

Dark kitchens

Dark kitchens are defined by their food, efficiency, and online presence. We’ll connect all the dots so you can focus on building your business and optimizing your virtual brands.

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We don’t only provide management solutions for restaurants. Q-commerce businesses from various industries, convenience stores, retailers, and grocery stores use Deliverect to improve their delivery operations and reach their full potential.

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Managing multiple sales channels in your POS


million orders

Deliverect has received 250 million orders to date and processed +2.5 million orders per week in 2022 alone, a 260% increase in less than one year.



Thousands of restaurants have turned to Deliverect to grow their businesses with our best-in-class online order management.



We support businesses in over 40 countries worldwide and growing! We do our best to connect you with experts who speak your native language.


Managing multiple sales channels is a piece of 🎂

Feature overview
The data to make your next big move

Deliverect Insights makes performance reporting simple. Learn which online channels and products bring in the most profit and make data-backed decisions for your business.

All your menus in one screen

Update all menus, across all your channels, faster than ever before. Run and automate promos and stay on top of product stock in just a few clicks.

Work smarter, not harder

Improve your restaurant's operational flow and minimize errors by aggregating all your online orders into one place and syncing them with your POS. 


Serving the food community

"The time that each rider waits for their order at KFC has substantially decreased. We've also seen a substantial decrease in the number of incidents, reducing both missing and incorrect orders."


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“Deliverect has saved us quite a bit of time, 2 or 3 minutes per entry, that is significant in our quick-service restaurant.”

Copper Branch

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“Before Deliverect, we used to take approximately five minutes. Now with the Deliverect integration, our orders are instantaneous at our POS“

Taco Bell

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