More ways to sell with your own online store

Build your own restaurant ordering system (AKA online store) to generate more revenue and sell directly to your customers.

Build a better relationship with your customers by taking control of the entire ordering experience and turning new customers into regulars.


Why should you build your own online store?

Our online ordering for restaurants is a virtual storefront for your business. It allows customers to place orders directly and pay online—that means greater profits for you and your business and an extra channel for you to sell.

  • Increase net revenue per order by doing self-delivery or charging a service fee.

  • Use analytics to customize your marketing strategy and menu promotions.

  • Keep your customers informed throughout the entire delivery.

  • Control your customers' digital experience by managing the entire order lifecycle.

Friendly and on-brand

Online ordering website fit for mobile and desktop devices — user-friendly for you and your customers.

  • A site of your own - Easily create your own ordering website with your brand’s logo, colors, and menus.

  • Have a URL already? - You can use your own website URL for your online ordering site.

Geolocation enabled

Our customizable landing pages use geolocation to send your customers to the nearest location—so they can get what they need quickly from your digital storefront.

Powered by Deliverect Pay

Accept payment methods your customers love (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, Amex, and more).

  • Security is our top priority - Our Online Ordering uses Deliverect Pay—powered by Adyen, a global PCI-compliant payment company.

  • The coverage you need - Our payment solution is built to scale globally. You’ll get the payment methods your customers need wherever we have coverage.

Expand your direct-to-consumer channels

More ways to drive revenue

Social Media Ordering

Your Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram followers can now become customers and order directly from your social media accounts with Social Media Ordering.

Order & Pay

The complete QR code solution for dine-in. Speed up table turn times by up to 10 minutes and improve your customer’s experience.

Sell through your own online ordering website

Expand your revenue channels and reach your customers directly with your own Online Ordering website.

FAQ about Online Ordering