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We offer free 14-day trials for 1 location to customers using Square, Lightspeed, TouchBistro, Kounta, Aldelo, Auphan, Clover, Heartland or Revel.

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A bunch of great features to manage your orders from a single device.

Order management

Aggregate 3rd party orders

We aggregate all your online orders and synchronize them with your existing POS, improving your restaurant’s operational flow in the process.

  • Real-time integration of all your sales channels

  • All orders managed from a single device

  • Automated order status updates

  • Accurate transfer of every order

  • Orders sent to kitchen printer and display screen

Menu management

All your menus on one screen

Update all menus across all your channels faster than ever before. Run and automate promos and stay on top of product stock in just a few clicks.

  • 86 menu items as they run out

  • Gain insights into your best-selling products and locations

  • Push to all your channels at the same time

  • Run promotional deals with minimal effort

  • Set up limited-time offers and happy hour menus


Track sales, channels & revenue

Deliverect Analytics makes performance reporting simple. Learn which online channels and products generate the most profit and make data-backed decisions for your business.

  • In-depth sales data per channel

  • All sales data on one screen

  • User-friendly sales reports

  • Identify opportunities and actionable insights

  • Optimize menus based on sales data

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