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Sell directly on your Social Media Accounts

With Deliverect Social Media Ordering, your Facebook and Instagram followers can now become customers and order directly from your social media accounts.


Higher average spend


Bigger basket size


Increased customer satisfaction

Instant and seamless online orders

Tap into your social channels and their marketing tools to see your margins, followers, and orders grow.

Order in-profile

Turn every interaction into a selling opportunity with our ‘Order Food’ button and in-story stickers.

Easily share content and order food—all without leaving the social platform.

Marketing Tools

Make every like, comment, and share count. 

By leveraging Meta™ powerful business tools, you can create ads and target your customers where they are.

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Meta™ Business Partner

As an official Meta™ Business Partner, trust our integration with your social channels—Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp— to be reliable and secure.

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Sell through Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. Our 24/7 in-house support in 40 languages will get your social media channels up and running in no time.